Get SHOEBOXED and get organized!

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If you are anything like me, you have paper EVERYWHERE! Between the kids’ school work, regular everyday receipts, business paperwork, mail and so much more, it takes forever to go through my dining room to sort!  And every time I go to a networking meeting or an expo, I get tons of business cards and have nowhere to put them!

I want to introduce you to an alternative… SHOEBOXED.

Shoeboxed is an integral service for administering a business or for anyone who needs to get organized. It’s an incredibly easy sell for the millions of business owners, freelancers, sales reps, travelers, bookkeepers, accountants, and consultants who are looking for ways to save time and money on back-end administrative tasks so they can focus on growing their business.

Shoeboxed scans receipts into usable data for maximizing tax deductions, expense reports, and for savings on bookkeeping. We scan other paper too, including business cards which are importable into Outlook, Salesforce, and more!

Eliminate Paper Clutter Today!

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