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Long Island Networking Moms MEDIA ALERT! Honored by Milieu Magazine!

On behalf of the Long Island Networking Moms (Nassau and Suffolk), as its co-founder and “Mom-in-Chief”, I am beyond humbled and excited to be the March Fortune 52 featured woman for Extraordinary Networking on Long Island in Milieu Magazine and Long Island Press!

I have been networking women for almost 11 years and I have been doing so because I recognize the value of women, specifically mothers, making connections and helping each other. I have said for years that motherhood is the most rewarding and wonderful job in the world, but it can also have its challenges. Moms can sometimes feel isolated, even though we would never want to be anything other that the mom of our children. We all need a place to go to be ourselves, get and give advice, share stories, make friends, vent, and find a little time in our hectic day for US.

Networking women is so important, and I am thrilled to be able to bring my love of networking women out to Long Island.

Article appears on page 38 of the March edition of Milieu Magazine

Thank you so much to Beverly Fortune, Associate Publisher of Long Island Press and Publisher of Milieu Magazine. I am very much looking forward to the Networking Event in April where the amazing members of Nassau Networking Moms and Suffolk Networking MomsI can network with so many other extraordinary women on Long Island, and where these extraordinary women on Long Island can meet the beautiful women in our group Long Island Networking Moms!

-Jennifer Nevadomski
Co-Founder and Mom in Chief
Long Island Networking Moms

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