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Long Island Moms for Clean Water

I wanted to introduce you to Long Island Moms for Clean Water.

Long Island Moms for Clean Water is an organization of concerned Long Island families committed to improving the quality of drinking water and surface water from Great Neck to Montauk for the future of our children. They provide information on how to persuade public officials to support water protection efforts and how to protect water in your home.

Science conclusively shows deteriorating water quality in Long Island’s groundwater, which provides the only source of drinking water for Long Island’s 2.8 million Nassau and Suffolk residents. Our groundwater also provides the majority of fresh water entering our bays, harbors, and estuaries. Nitrogen pollution from sewage and pesticides flows from our groundwater into our surface waters damaging salt marshes, causing red tides and brown tides, reducing fish and shellfish populations and closing our beaches. Fortunately, we can fix the problem- but we need stronger policies and standards that will better protect Long Island’s groundwater and surface water!

Long Island Moms for Clean Water wants our elected officials to know that mothers on Long Island support efforts to develop a Clean Water Action Plan for Long Island. There are two ways to get involved:

1. Individuals can join Long Island Moms For Clean Water by filling out the registration form

2. Individuals can receive daily alerts on water quality protection efforts and ways to protect the resource at home by Liking them on Facebook and Following us on Twitter.

Please spread the word about Long Island Moms for Clean Water so we can magnify the message that we need clean water action in our region now! Additionally, if you are interested in signing on your organization as a member of Long Island Moms for Clean Water – that would be great! More information on current clean water initiatives can be found at


Long Island Moms For Clean Water

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